Synergy Rear 4 Link Kit is designed for off-road enthusiasts wanting the next level of performance out of their rigs. This kit allows for unlimited unrestricted wheel travel without increasing under/over steer driving characteristics. The kit also allows the end user to dial in their suspension geometry. The adjustable positioning of the upper links at the frame mount brackets allow for adjustable anti-squat. On-road drivability is dramatically improved compared to stock and other after market kits.

The kit is ideal for enthusiasts wanting to put after-market axles under their Jeeps because of all the axle brackets included in the kit. Optional differential truss kits are available for specific applications.

All the brackets are designed and built using the latest CAD solid modeling software and CNC laser cutting & bending processes. The kit feature tried and true Johnny Joint bearing assemblies at all the suspension pivoting points. The main frame control arm mounts are pre-welded to a "C" section of steel to beef up the frame and help distribute the load. You simply slip each mount over the frame and weld them in place.

This rear kit is also perfect for moving your rear axle back and stretching your wheelbase to the Magic 100"+ when used with an External or Competition Gas Tank.

This kit can be used with coilovers or coil springs and shocks. The triangulated 4 link design eliminates the rear track bar; this makes for a very clean installation on your vehicle.

Rear 4 Link Kit Includes:

  • (2) Universal Triangulated Rear Control Arm Brackets

  • (2) Pieces of 1.75" X .120" Wall DOM (uppers)**

  • (2) Pieces of 2.0" X .250" Wall DOM (Lowers)**

  • (4) 1.25" Right Hand Johnny Joints w/ Tube Inserts & Jam Nuts

  • (4) 1.25" Left Hand Johnny Joints w/ Tube Inserts & Jam Nuts

  • (1) 10 Degree Right Hand Axle Mount Brackets 3.0" Radius

  • (1) 10 Degree Left Hand Axle Mount Brackets 3.0" Radius

  • (2) Upper Control Arm Axle Flat Mount Brackets

Optional Components:


  • This kit requires cutting and welding for maximum performance

  • Weld On Link kit is compatible with any vehicle with 4" rails

  • This kit can be modified for use in other vehicles
  • **Tubing must be selected at time of order
Part #Description
PPM-5052Synergy Rear 4 Link Kit, No Tubing (Fits: Early Bronco, Jeep CJ, TJ, YJ, Universal)
PPM-5052-03Synergy Rear 4 Link Kit with 3 ft. Tubing (Fits: Early Bronco, Jeep CJ, TJ, YJ, Universal)
PPM-5052-04Synergy Rear 4 Link Kit with 4 ft. Tubing (Fits: Early Bronco, Jeep CJ, TJ, YJ, Universal)
Installation Instructions

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