Crawler Conceptz Jeep JK Ultra Series Skinny Front Fenders

Crawler Conceptz Jeep JK Ultra Series Skinny Front Fenders

Crawler Conceptz

Jeep Wrangler JK enthusiasts know how vulnerable the plastic factory fender flares are, so why risk trail damage? The Crawler Conceptz Ultra Series Skinny Flares reduce overall width, placing the tires at the outside edge of the vehicle. The Crawler Conceptz narrow-width Jeep fender system marries the strength of steel and fluid, show-car style. The Ultra Series 3/16-inch steel fenders are sculpted to follow the Jeep's curves with exacting precision, even as the steel reinforcement brackets tie the flares to key points along the Jeep's substructure for added strength. The Ultra Series' flowing design shaves three inches off the stock width which allows the full use of the open space taken up by the original-equipment flares. Fans of today's popular low-center-of-gravity build understands that this translates to larger tire sizes at lower lift heights. For added style and cooling performance, Crawler Conceptz now makes an Ultra Series Inner Fender Liner. This is the industry's first one-piece aluminum inner fender liner which is available separately.

Beauty You See, Strength You Don't

The Crawler Conceptz Ultra Series front flares are brake-formed to create an outer edge that's as strong as it is stylish. The dual-bend design flows upward and rearward to avoid tire hang-ups. The LED side-marker light (not included) is pushed forward just enough to avoid impacts on the trail. Each Crawler Conceptz Ultra Series flare is crafted from high-quality steel, with attention to detail of every weld and bend. Crawler Conceptz Ultra Series flares ship as bare steel to provide maximum customization options.


  • Durable all-steel construction 
  • ]Two inches narrower than stock flares 
  • Front flares bolt on in original-equipment location 
  • Enlarges wheel opening to accommodate larger tires at lower lift heights 
  • Proudly handcrafted in the USA 
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Ships RAW

Aluminum Front Inner Fender Kit - Innovation reigns at Crawler Conceptz! Original equipment plastic front inner fender liners trap excess heat, robbing the Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited of horsepower and efficiency. Crawler Conceptz solves this problem with the industry's first one-piece vented inner fender liner! Brake-formed from high-quality sheet aluminum, the Crawler Conceptz Inner Fender Liner installs easily with minor drilling and adds additional clearance for oversized tires. These eye catching inner fender liners are compatible with original equipment and most aftermarket fender flares, including, of course, Crawler Conceptz Ultra Series Standard and Skinny Fender Flares. Crawler Conceptz Inner Fender Liners ship as bare aluminum to provide maximum customization options.