Solid Axle Industries 99-04 Ford F250 & F350 Front SpynTec Conversion Kit

Solid Axle Industries 99-04 Ford F250 & F350 Front SpynTec Conversion Kit

99-04 Ford F250 & F350 Front SpynTec Conversion Kit

SpynTec Kit Overview

In SpynTec™ Industries continued pursuit of excellence, SpynTec™ Industries is releasing a new line of fixed spindle conversion kits for the Superduty 99-04 Ford F250 and F350 model trucks. When SpynTec™ Industries set out to design the final word in unit bearing replacement, SpynTec™ Industries first wanted to understand the weaknesses of the original equipment found in your vehicle. Automobile manufacturers have taken away your ability to maintain your 4×4 by moving to the planned obsolescence of the unitized bearing front end. When the OEM bearings fail, you and your truck are literally stranded until you can replace them, or incur the high cost of towing to your local dealer.

SpynTec™ kits start with new premium chromolly hub and spindle forgings. Your ABS functions are retained with the combination of a gear cut tone ring that is integral to the design of the hub, as well as SpynTec™ Industries spindle design that encompasses the factory ABS sensor mount and sealing surfaces. When installed, your ABS system is now completely sealed from the harshest on and off highway environments. All SpynTec™ kits utilize such names as Timken, SKF, Chicago Rawhide, and Spicer.

Whether you rely on your vehicle for work or play, you can't afford to be sitting still due to an unfortunate bearing failure. SpynTec™ Industries understands this and has answered with the SpynTec™ line of unit bearing conversion kits.

There are similar kits available on the market, but none with the forethought of a SpynTec™ hub conversion kit. All of SpynTec™ Industries kits were engineered from the ground up from raw steel forgings to the finished product with maintainability, durability, and safety in mind.

You'll notice SpynTec™ Industries didn't start off with some random spindle and adapt it to work with SpynTec™ Industries kit. Yes, SpynTec™ Industries could have simply welded or bolted on a block to a re-drilled spindle and called it close, but SpynTec™ Industries customers expect more out of SpynTec™ Industries products and their trucks. SpynTec™ Industries integral sensor mount and sealing surfaces are paramount in what makes SpynTec™ Industries spindles the best. You'll also see companies using a cast iron hub with a pressed on tone ring. SpynTec™ Industries hubs were engineered as steel forgings with critical components such as ABS tone rings gear cut into the hub.

We've gone the extra mile in manufacturing SpynTec™ Industries kit, so your truck can do the same. There are no compromises at SpynTec™ Industries.


  • Eliminates unit bearing hub assemblies prone to breaking.
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Fully rebuild-able
  • Reduces drive-train wear
  • As always, SpynTec™ conversion kits fully seal the ABS sensor and tone ring from contaminates on and off road.
  • Increased fuel economy.

Kit Includes:

  • Forged hubs with gear cut ABS tone ring.
  • Forged spindles with integral ABS sensor mount.
  • Includes all bearings, races, seals, and spindle nuts.
  • Premium locking hubs.
  • Wheel Studs
  • 35-Spline Stub Shafts
  • Installation Directions

Note: Actual product may vary from images shown.

SpynTec Hubs

All SpynTec™ Industries hubs start out as steel forgings and not castings like other manufacturers. Hubs are turned and sent off to the gear cutter for the internal splines and the gear cut external ABS tone rings. The hubs are finally bright zinc plated for a durable finish.

Spindle forgings are rough turned, heat treated, then final machined. This is the only way to guarantee a spindle with minimal run-out.

SpynTec™ Industries has also revolutionized the hub conversion kit market by offering the only conversion kit that seals off the ABS reluctor ring and sensor from the elements and road debris. This is just one of the extra steps we take to provide you with the best designed lockout conversion kit available in the marketplace.

Rather than sending you a box of parts, SpynTec™ Industries partially assembles every kit. When your kit arrives, you'll be glad to know that studs and races are pressed in the hubs, spindle bearings are installed in the spindles, and axle slingers are installed on the axle shafts.

Parts Breakdown
Item Number Description Quantity
1 Stub Shaft 2
2 Axle Slinger 2
3 Spindle Bearing Kit 2
4 ABS Sensor and Mounting Screw 2
5 Spindle 2
6 Hub Seal 2
7 Dust Wiper 2
8 Inner Wheel Bearing 2
9 Wheel Stud - Fine 16
9 Wheel Stud - Coarse 16
10 Wheel Hub 2
11 Outer Wheel Bearing 2
12 Spindle Nut with Pin 2
13 Spindle Washer 2
14 Spindle Lock Nut 2
15 Lock Out Hub Kit 1

Ford FAQ

I already have lockout hubs, why would I need this kit?
You are correct that you may already have lockout hubs, however, the factory hubs a notoriously weak and function marginally at best. The benefit of manual lockout hubs is not the only reason you need this kit. Factory unit bearings are very expensive to replace and will leave you stranded on the road typically at the most inopportune time. Sometimes your unit bearings will give you a warning that they need replacement, but this has not been the case in our experience.

What are some of the benefits of the SpynTec kit?
The wheel bearings in all SpynTec™ kits are fully rebuildable and maintainable. If you keep up a standard service regimen, you can grease your wheel bearings are replace them as required for a fraction of the cost of new unit bearings.
Another benefit of the Ford SpynTec™ kit is a shaft spline increase to 35 splines. If you use your truck hard, you may have already been through a few shafts.

I have a dually, can I use the factory wheel adapters?
Your factory adapters will work on the Ford conversion kit. There is typically a slight amount of buffing that will need to be completed since it is a rough cast part on the inside diameter.

How do I know if I have coarse thread or fine thread studs?
There was a switch from coarse thread to fine thread studs halfway through the 02 production year. If you have an 02 model year truck, please contact us and we'll get you squared away.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, contact us and we'll help you out.