Total Chaos 86-95 4WD Toyota "Caddy" Kit Gen. 2

Total Chaos 86-95 4WD Toyota "Caddy" Kit Gen. 2

Total Chaos

Off road racing and recreation performance parts have progressed with technology over the past decade. After witnessing the original Caddy kit log mile after brutal mile of trail punishment on our test vehicles, Total Chaos figured it was time to redevelop the Caddy kit and incorporate some new features that were previously unavailable. Total Chaos kept the bolt on application and immediately addressed torsion bar performance limitations. Total Chaos eliminated them completely. This system includes modified upper and lower control arms to incorporate a coil over shock conversion while retaining working 4wd. T100 axles are still installed with this long travel kit and T100 vehicles require our custom extended 300M axles to retain the 4wd system. Overall track width still increases 6.5". The lower arms maintained the original chromoly tubular design and bottom skid plate, but now we’ve added dual shock tabs to the arms which makes the Gen 2 Caddy kit stand apart from other brands. This option allows you to further customize your suspension system for individual needs and applications. The shock combinations possible allow you to install a secondary 2.0, 2.5 non-coil over or 2.5 bypass shock and achieve the most diverse and tunable IFS performance suspension system available. The upper control arms are all 4130 chromoly tubing, and feature 1" PTFE lined uniball’s instead of factory ball joints and still bolt to the factory control arm location. Drilling the spindle to a 3/4" hole is necessary. TC offers a weld on upper shock hoop, and several other accessories available to upgrade the 86-95 trucks OEM weak links. This kit includes all F911 hardware, heat treated hi-misalignment spacers, 1" PTFE lined uniball’s, D.O.T. brake lines, urethane bushings and inner sleeves, weld on droop stop mounts and tie rod extensions. 8" or 10" travel 2.5 coil over shocks can be installed. 8" travel shocks are required to install our shock hoop accessory.

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  • Parts Included
  • Parts Required
  • TC Accessories
  • Vehicle Specs
  • Shock Options
  • Upper A-Arms w/ Bushings & 1" Uniballs
  • Lower A-Arms w/ Bushings & Dual Shock Mounts
  • Tie-Rods
  • Jam Nuts
  • Braided Stainless Brake Lines D.O.T. Approved
  • Urethane Droop Stops
  • Weld-On Droop Stops
  • Hi-Misalignment Spacers
  • Hardware
  • Coil Over Shocks
  • 4WD T-100 axles to retain 4WD
  • Upper Shock Mounts
  • T-100 Trucks require custom 300M extended axles
  • Fiberglass Fenders
  • TCS-95140 - Uniball Lower Ball Joint Conversion
  • TCS-95130 - Caddy Idler Arm
  • TCS-95602 - Weld On Upper Shock Mount 8" Shocks ONLY
  • TCS-95695 - Heim Joint Tie-Rod Steering Upgrade
  • TCS-95286/95289 - Weld On Truss
  • Lift: 3-4"
  • Wheel Travel: 12" w/ 4wd 13" w/o 4WD
  • Sug. Tire Size: 33X10.5 or 33X12.5

Coilovers Shock Options:

  • Fox 2.5" Remote Resi Coilover Shocks w/ Springs
  • SAW 2.5" Remote Resi Coilover Shocks w/ Springs

2 Tube Bypass Shock Options:

  • Fox 2.5" 2 Tube Remote Resi Bypass Shock (Secondary)
  • SAW 2.5" 2 Tube Remote Resi Bypass Shock (Secondary)

3 Tube Bypass Shock Options:

  • Fox 2.5" 3 Tube Remote Resi Bypass Shock (Secondary)
  • SAW 2.5" 3 Tube Remote Resi Bypass Shock (Secondary)

Other Options:

  • Add Shock Mounts
  • Add Heim Steering Upgrade
  • Add 1" Lower Uniball Conversion
  • Add IFS Weld-on Frame Truss

Shock Hoop