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Vision X Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon Series LED Light Bar

Weight:  4.00 lbs
Price:  $399.00

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Why Horizon

The Horizon LED Light Bar utilizes a 60 point 360░ locking trunnion flat mounting system for precision adjustment. Using 5 watt LEDs for the best optic control for futhest distance and most power. The Horizon was designed for trucking and industrial usage.

Key Features

  • 60 Point 360░ Locking Trunnion Adjustment
  • Xtreme Five Watt LED is Driven to 90% Effciency
  • PWM Integrated Dimming Circuitry
  • Advanced Heat Sink Designed to prolong the life of the LEDs

Added Features

  • Weatherproof Deutsch Connector with Plug-and-Play Harness
  • Extruded 6061 Aluminum Housing
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Pat. Pending
  • Extended Warranty
  • Colors: Blac
  • LED Lifespan: 50,000
  • Optic Purity: 90%
  • Driven AT: 90%
  • Input Voltage: 9-32V
  • IP Rating: IP-68
  • Vibration Rating: -40 Celsius ~ +80 Celsius


  • Horizon LED Light Bar
  • Wiring Harness
  • Installation Instructions
  • Adjustment Allen Wrench
  • Vision X Decal

Truck and Transport Ready

360░ Mounting System
The Horizon uses a 60 point 360░ locking trunnion adjustment bracket for precision adjustment and flat vehicle mounting.
Extruded 6061 Aluminum
The Horizon is made with 6061 extruded aluminum for ultimate strength and durability.
IP-68 Rated
The Solstice Prime has achieved an ingress protection rating of IP-68, signifying that it is dust-proof and submersible in water up to 3 meters.

Prime Drive - The Smart LED Bar

Electronic Thermal Management
ETM monitors the heat output of the LEDs and makes use of integrated Pulse Width Modulation circuitry in order to maintain safe operating temperatures in order to prolong the LED life span to its full 50,000 hour potential.
Pulse Width Modulation
The Horizon Series utilizes integrated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming circuitry to manage heat levels. PWM works by flashing the LED at a frequency faster than the human eye can detect, reducing the time that the LED is operating while still delivering 100% light output.
Efficient Circuitry
The Horizon is driven to 90% efficiency for less wasted energy and more light output.
Pure OpticsWith 90% optically pure Vision X optics, you can be sure that you are getting th most distance and most accuracy out of each LED.

Technical Sheet
Wiring Diagram

Technical Drawing:

Part # Description
CTL-HPX1210 17" Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon 12 LED 10║ Narrow
CTL-HPX1240 17" Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon 12 LED 40║ Wide
CTL-HPX1810 24" Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon 18 LED 10║ Narrow
CTL-HPX1840 24" Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon 18 LED 40║ Wide
CTL-HPX910 14" Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon 9 LED 10║ Narrow
CTL-HPX940 14" Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon 9 LED 40║ Wide


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Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon Series LED Light Bar
Commercial Truck Lighting Horizon Series LED Light Bar
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