Ready Welder II 10000

Ready Welder II 10000
From $599.00

The Ready Welder II Model #10000 is a must-have for 4x4 off-roaders, farmers/ranchers, boating industry, or anyone that is going to be using batteries as their primary power source. The base model is cabled best for the battery operated welder. The ground cable is attached to the red dual quick disconnect connectors. This makes welding jobs in remote locations easy, portable and quick. The Model #10000 will also connect to most MIG/CV (constant voltage) machines and all DC output-welding machines. The base model will run off any 12, 18, 24 & 36 volt batteries in a parallel series depending on the application and material to be welded. All of the Model #10000 welders have a 1 year 100% parts and labor factory warranty.

Looking for a Cold Switch welder? Upgrade to the Model #10000-CS. The Cold Switch was manufactured for different types of customers (Navy, Army, Welding Shops, etc). With the Cold Switch the Ready Welder will no longer create an arc. It will only arc when the trigger is pulled. When you are finished welding you can lay the welder down with no problems of the welder creating an arc.

The Ready Welder Model #10000ADP adds a AC to DC Power Converter to supply 24 DC Voltage to the RWII Circutry. Used only when connecting to CC (constant current) stick welding machines. Since there are more stick welding machines in the market place than any other welder, the ADP would be the perfect buy for those that like the ability to connect to all DC output welding machines. ADP models are most frequently bought and used by maintenance facilities/public works, construction companies and industrial companies.

For the ultimate combination of Safety & Versatility, the Ready Welder Model #10000ADP-CS combines the peace of mind of a Cold Switch with the adaptability of a AC/DC Power Supply to drive gun controls when connected to a CC power source.

Model 10000 Features:
  • Welds Steel, Stainless and Aluminum or Any Metals Where Standard One or Two Pound Spools are Available
  • Connects to Batteries
    • 18 Volts can do Thin Sheet Metal
    • 24 Volts will Single Pass 1/2" @ 275 amp
    • 36 Volts will Weld up to 3/4" @ 350 to 400 amp
  • Welds 22 Gauge to 3/4"
  • Connects to MIG/Constant Voltage Output Welders
  • Uses Wire Sizes from .023 to .045 without Changing Rollers
  • Uses Heavy-Duty TWECO Quality Front End Consumables
  • Wire Speeds of 50 Inches to 900 Inches per Minute
  • Polarity Indicator Lights
  • Ten Foot Cable with Quick Disconnects, Can be Extended to 100 Feet
  • Built-in Gas Valve
  • Ground Cable Attached

Ready Welder II Case Includes:

  • RWII High-Impact MIG Gun
  • Ten Feet of Cable
  • One Spool of Flux Core Wire
  • 300 Amp Ground Clamp
  • Two Battery Clamps
  • Extra Tips and Gas Hose Fitting
  • Ten Extra Feet of Gas Hose
  • Foam Lined Blow-Molded Tough Briefcase
  • CS Models include:
    • Cold Switch*
  • ADP Models include:
    • AC to DC Power Converter Supply to Drive Gun Controls When Connected to a CC Power Source


The Cold Switch solenoid system is contained in a softball sized box that is integrated near the end of the Ready Welder II's cable and adds approximately 3' to the overall cable length. This system is designed to protect the operator from accidentally striking an arc without the trigger pulled. The solenoid is deactivated when you release the trigger, allowing you to lay the welder down or to avoid arcing out your grounded surfaces without any worries. This feature was manufactured with safety in mind.


Part # Option
RDW-10000 Base Model
RDW-10000-CS Cold Switch
RDW-10000ADP AC/DC Power Converter
RDW-10000ADP-CS AC/DC Power Converter & Cold Switch