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Dynatrac Dodge Free-Spin Heavy-Duty Front Hub Conversion Kit

Weight:  90.00 lbs
Price:  $1989.00


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No matter how you use your truck, the engineers at Dynatrac understand that the measure by which all parts are judged is strength and performance. From light duty to extreme use, your vehicle should be built for reliability and endurance under any conditions. And all too often, the original equipment falls short.

As an industry leader, Dynatrac has taken up the challenge of building the better truck. Designed specifically to remove a weak link in popular Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks, Dynatrac’s Free-Spin Heavy Duty Hub Conversion Kits replace the factory unit bearings with fixed spindles for superior strength, improved fuel economy, and smooth performance. The complete kit includes inexpensive, serviceable Timken bearings, cromoly spindles, cast nodular wheel hubs, Warn Premium manual locking hubs, and massive 1.50" diameter, 35-spline outer axle shafts. All made in the USA.

This combination of parts has been designed and tested to provide the best longevity and reliability under the most severe use. While the factory unit bearing is non-serviceable and prone to failure, the Free-Spin hub conversion offers ease of maintenance, a much smoother ride, better steering control, greater fuel economy, and longer axle and driveshaft life. Advantages that add up to tremendous cost savings over the life of your vehicle.

When a unit bearing fails, the vehicle is often immediately disabled and cannot be driven anywhere until the unit bearing has been completely replaced. That means towing, downtime, expensive dealer repairs and a ruined vacation or lost revenue for a work truck.

For recreational truck enthusiasts, the Free-Spin hub conversion eliminates a weak link that could easily leave you stranded. For commercial truck owners and fleet managers, who rely on their rigs 24/7 to get the job done, the Free-Spin hub conversion ensures that your trucks are on the road making you money. Improved Fuel economy and smoother performance is an additional bonus.


  • Manual-locking hubs reduce wear and increase fuel economy by preventing parts from rotating constantly during 2WD operation
  • Increases reliability by eliminating troublesome axle disconnect operation
  • Lower cost of ownership – Wheel bearings and seals are dramatically cheaper to maintain, and can be easily serviced for longer life, even under severe conditions
  • Dramatic increase in axle strength and reliability with 35-spline 1.50" shafts
Part # Stage Description Other
DYN-CR60-3X1104-B Stage 1 94/99 Dodge Free-Spin Hub Kit (ABS Not Supported)
DYN-CR60-3X1104-D Stage 1 94/99 Dodge Free-Spin Hub Kit w/DynaLocs (ABS Not Supported)
DYN-CR60-2X3219-B Stage 2 94/99 Dodge 35-Spline Inner Shaft Kit -
DYN-CR60-3X1104-A Stage 1 00/08 Dodge Free-Spin Hub Kit (ABS Included)
DYN-CR60-3X1104-E Stage 1 00/08 Dodge Free-Spin Hub Kit w/DynaLocs (ABS Included)
DYN-CR60-2X3219-A Stage 2 00/02 Dodge 35-Spline Inner Shaft Kit -

Dynatrac Free-spin Heavy-Duty Front Hub Conversion Kit
Select kits below for specific product description.

  • Stage I Kit - Dodge
  • Stage II Kit - Dodge

Stage I Kit Includes:

  • (2) 8 on 6.5 Dynatrac wheel hubs (customer to re-use rotor)
  • (2) Dynatrac Heavy-duty spindle kits
  • (2) Dynatrac Heavy-duty, 35-spline, outer axle shaft
  • (1) Set of Warn Premium manual locking hubs (35-spline)
  • (1) User serviceable wheel bearings, races and seals
  • (1) ABS tone rings and sensor mounts (‘00 and newer only)

Stage II Kit Includes:

  • (2) Extreme-duty, Induction-hardened Alloy, 35-spline 1.5" diameter Inner axle shafts
  • (1-2) Inner axle seal
  • (1-2) Seal housing
  • (2) 1480 Spicer U-Joint

Note: *All kits include inner and outer wheel bearings, races, seals, hardware and complete instructions

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