HealTech SpeedoHealer Jeep Plug-n-Play Kit for 98-06 Wrangler, 04-06 TJ, 98-01 Cherokee XJ

HealTech SpeedoHealer Jeep Plug-n-Play Kit for 98-06 Wrangler, 04-06 TJ, 98-01 Cherokee XJ

The Problem: Speedometer Inaccuracies

We all know that wheel/tire size and gearing changes result in a real're heading down the road at 60mph and your speedo is reading 20-40% off, and you have a vehicle with an ECU that cannot easily be "flashed" to correct speedometer error. So you have learned to just do the math in your head...or you're thinking about spending $45-90 in parts every time you want to put in a new gear. Check out this article on about what they found.

Maybe you've come across a speedometer correction device that sounds like it will fix your problem. But it has daunting installation instructions, makes you flip switches or turn screws and count turns to be sure you're doing it right, or requires you to reprogram it every time you switch from winter to summer tires and back, or re-flash your ECU every time you're going to have your car in to the dealer for servicing (which includes them using the diagnostics function).

The Solution: Quick & Easy Recalibration:

The SpeedoHealer™ by HealTech Electronics is a clear and simple solution. For Jeep TJ (98-06), LJ ('04-'06), and XJ (98-01) installation is plug-and-play, with more plug and play kits in development. For all other vehicles with 3-wire speed sensors (signal, power, ground) the Universal kit is simple and easy to install for average guys with basic skills, and takes about 45 minutes. And for behind-the-dash direct installations, the Controller-Only kit is the simplest solution. Locate the speed signal and then run power and ground to this unit, and you're done! (Install time varies)

Easy to install...easy to program...durable...reliable...and backed by outstanding support and warranty!

  • Friendly User Interface: Easier to program, review and update the stored parameters. If you can set an alarm clock, you can program a SpeedoHealer in a few minutes. (Download User Guide: PDF 74K)
  • Extended calibration range: -99.9% to +9999.9% in steps of 0.1% Which means the signal can be adjusted from 1/1000 to x100, in increments of 0.001 This range is efficient even for the most radical custom applications.
  • Dual-Bank Memory: Allows storing two independent calibration values and switching among them is possible by the press of a button. There is a clear, visual confirmation of the active bank and value in use. Perfect for areas where you have summer and winter tires of different sizes.
  • Km/h conversion: Change from Km/h to MPH by the press of a button.
  • High-speed CPU: 32-bit processing ensures high accuracy and immediate response to the input signal (no lag). Ultra low power consumption and auto stand-by.
  • Robust design: Every unit is fully tested, guaranteed to work. All leads are protected against reverse voltage, short circuits and high energy transients.
  • Wide operating range: +3V to +19V at -40C to +80C (-40F to +176F)
  • Rugged and weather resistant: Epoxy sealed unit is highly water resistant to water ingress (although we recommend REMOVING CONTROL UNIT during steam cleaning of engine bay).
  • Plug-and-Play kits: Plug and play harness uses sealed OEM connectors which are IP-68 rated (1 meter water immersion for 1 hour without failure). So if you're fording creeks, rest assured that we've given the connectors water protection as good as Jeep did for their undercarriage components. INSTALLS IN ABOUT 5 MINUTES, (even for novices)! (Download Install Guide: PDF 634K)
  • Universal splicing kits: Universal kits require splicing at the speed sensor/transfer case with supplied sealed wire splices and wire taps, and work on ANY vehicle with a 3-wire speed sensor (Signal, Power, Ground). INSTALLS IN ABOUT 45 MINUTES (Download Install Guide: PDF 384K)
  • Controller box only splicing kits: Meant for direct behind-the-dash installation (4.5" three wire cable) where a speed signal wire can be located between ECU/ECM and gauge cluster. Must provide unit with power and ground. INSTALL TIME VARIES
  • Outstanding Warranty Support: Each unit comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, a 2-year unlimited warranty, and a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Automotive-specific design: The automotive version SpeedoHealer has a new control box design for easier firewall mounting and plug weatherproofing, and has a standard 190cm (75") cable. Longer cable lengths may be special ordered.
  • 1998-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ
  • 2004-2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ
  • 1998-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ


Road Test @ +20% Calibration (Jeep Cherokee XJ)

Road Test @ -50.0% Calibration (Jeep Cherokee XJ)